The Covington Pulse is the newest way the city is working to communicate to the public.  You have elected a wonderful city council that is absolutely committed to the city’s success.  Their prescribed vision underscores all that we do and is ever present in our day to day operations.  This blog is an effort to give you a more real time picture of what is happening in and around Covington.  Check back often for continued posts.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I wish to report an unsafe condition at the intersection of Kent-Kangley and Hy 18. As you turn left from Kent-Kangley toward I-90, the sidewalk curb is perpendicular to the roadway. It is easily possible to turn into a full curb as you turn left onto the Hy 18 on ramp. It was a dark, rainy night when this happened to me! Fortunately, i had excellent tires. But the force of hitting the curb threw me to the outside lane and broke the steel belt of the tire. Again fortunately, there was no one in the outside lane! With care, I was able to drive home! The tire was replaced under road hazard warranty. Since then, I studied this intersection several times and viewed it from many approaches. Yes. the curb is perpendicular to the roadway and nothing prevents a motorist from hitting the curb! I ask the City of Covington to please shave this curb to make it a roll type interface with the on ramp. Please don’t wait for a serious accident to happen here. The fix is easy and then benefit to public safety is immense!


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